CA GOP Denounces CCSS While FL GOP Suppresses Discussion

This weekend was a "Tale of Two GOP State Meetings."  The California GOP overwhelmingly passed a reolution denouncing Common Core.  It was co-authored by long-time Common Core foe Williamson Evers and Randall Jordan and reads as follows:

Resolution ( F2013-2) to Oppose and Eliminate Common Core Education Policies in California
(Co-authored by Bill Evers & Randall Jordan)

Whereas the federally-promoted Common Core national curriculum-content standards in math and English (and now the related Next Generation national standards in science) water down what has been expected academically of California's K-12 students;

Whereas the Common Core tests will collect extensive data on students, and the Obama administration has turned upside down federal regulations that previously protected student privacy;

Whereas Common Core is accompanied by federally-funded tests, and the Obama administration's promotion of national standards and national tests violate federal statutes that protect us against a national K-12 curriculum;

Whereas Common Core and Next Generation are national efforts at one-size-fits-all uniformity and, as such, go against our system of competitive federalism under our American Constitution;

Now, Therefore Be It Resolved, by the Republican Party in convention on Oct. 6, 2013, in Anaheim, California, that the Republican Party call on state legislators, the State Board of Education, and local school board members to sever ties with, not participate in, or align with Common Core and Next Generation when it comes to adoption of standards, teaching materials, or tests.

In complete contrast, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) totally suppressed any discussion of Common Core at their quarterly business meeting this weekend.  This is despite the fact that at least 20 county Republican Executive Committees passed resolutions against Common Core.

How long will the RPOF continue to kowtow to Jeb Bush and the corporate establishment at the expense of our children and freedom of expression of the grassroots?


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