Rep. Adkins Directly Contradicts Governor Scott

After Tony Bennett's resignation in disgrace, the  education establishment is furiously trying to keep a happy face on the Common Core system.  They are not succeeding. In two meetings in the Jacksonville area on August 6th, Rep. Janet Adkins, chairwoman of the House Education Committee, tried to paint a dismal picture of Florida student achievement trying to justify the supposed desperate need for Common Core. The Florida Times Union reported, "Adkins told the audience that the percentage of Florida students reading below grade level is at the low 40s and the number is in the high 40s for students below grade level in math.'It shows we still have a ways to go,' she said."

In so doing, she directly contradicted Governor Scott who frequently touts his education record by mentioning the accomplishments (Podcast starting at 3:40) of Florida students:
  • "Our fourth graders are now number two in the world in reading;"
  • "Our fourth and eighth graders have had the greatest student achievement gains of any large state in the country over the last few years;"
  • "According to Education Week, we're the 6th best state in the nation for education, K-12.  We're on our way to number one."
  • "Our graduating high school class has the highest percentage seeking an AP exam; and"
  • "The National Council for Teacher Quality says we have the most effective teachers in the country"
Aside from the obvious fact that Rep. Adkins is making the governor look bad, these statistics beg the question: f all of these good things are happening without Common Core, why do we need to adopt his system of  inferior national standards, national tests and invasive data mining?


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